Zoosk is an online dating service that is available in 25 different languages in 80 different countries. It was founded in Fremont California, USA in the year 2007. The founder of Zoosk are Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh. Its headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany and United States. The area that it serves is worldwide. There were about 174 employees in Zoosk as in April 2014.

Some interesting facts about Zoosk are as follows:

  1. It has a ‘A’ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  2. They have a secret match making formula.
  3. Zoosk price is on top when compared to other dating sites or apps.
  4. Zoosk no longer charges any amount from its customer’s for account activation.
  5. Zoosk offers no refund and so you should not expect for any refund from Zoosk.

So if you are looking for a partner for yourself then you can register yourself on Zoosk and find the one who matches your needs.

Zoosk Registration:

 To register yourself on Zoosk you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Zoosk.
  2. Click on New User.
  3. Enter your details and select a password.
  4. Click on submit and your Zoosk account is made.

Now remember that Zoosk account is available in 2 verisons that is freemium and premium version. In freemium version some option are locked and to unlock these options you have to take premium subscription. But before taking premium version read all the terms and conditions properly and carefully. Because if you do not do so then you might face problems in the future. Zoosk also offers features like you call and chat with your partner if you take the premium subscription. But there are no charges on the account reactivation. You can reactivate your Zoosk account for free. Now we have discussed much about Zoosk let us now discuss about some of the problems and their solutions.

Zoosk Forgot Password:

If you have lost your Zoosk password then there is nothing that you should worry about because the password reset is easy and simple on Zoosk, you just need to follow these steps to recover or Zoosk Password Reset:

  • Go to Zoosk and search for Zoosk login page.
  • Click on Forgot Zoosk Password option.
  • Now enter your email address and click on Reset Password button.
  • Now click on the link received on your email id.
  • Now on the page enter your new password and re-enter it again to confirm and now click on Save Password option.
  • Now you can login again to your Zoosk account using your email id and new password.

You can also try the Zoosk Password Recovery option. In this way you can Recover Zoosk Password.

Zoosk Account Deletion:

If you are not satisfied with Zoosk’s service or you have found your partner on Zoosk and you want to delete your Zoosk account then you can do it simple and easy way. But before deleting your account cancel your subscription from Zoosk if you are a premium user. You can also delete your Zoosk account from your android device you just need to search for Delete Zoosk Account Android on the web and you will find many ways on how to delete account using Android device. To cancel your subscription go to Account Settings and click on Cancel Zoosk Subscription option. Now follow these steps to delete your account:

  1. Go to Zoosk login page and login with your details.
  2. Click on A Zoosk Member>Account Settings>Account Status>Edit Account
  3. Now select Deactivate Account.
  4. Confirm again and your Zoosk account is deleted.

In this way your Zoosk account can be deleted.

Zoosk Account Hacked:

If your Zoosk account has been hacked then you can simply take help from the Zoosk customer service team. They will provide you with the best solution related to your Zoosk Account Hacked problem.

 Zoosk Account Blocked:

If your Zoosk account has been blocked then you can unblock it by logging to your account. Go to account settings and then click on Account Settings and under this click on unblock account. In this way you can unblock your account if Zoosk Account Blocked error appears.

 Zoosk Account :

If you want to Reactivate Zoosk Account then you can do that by simply logging to your account and clicking on reactivate my account option under the Account Settings.

Zoosk Account Refund and Payment:

As we discussed earlier that Zoosk doesn’t make any refund for your subscription so you should always take Zoosk’s subscription very wisely. If you still want any refund then you can search for Zoosk Subscription Refund on the web.

If your payment has been declined and you are facing the error of Zoosk Payment Declined then you don’t need to worry as if any amount deducted will be refunded back in 15 days. For other Zoosk Payment Problems you can contact the Zoosk Customer service anytime.

Zoosk Payment Cancellation can be done within a week after creating your Zoosk account. After this period of time no cancellation can be made.

Zoosk Customer Support:

If you have any other problems then you can call the Zoosk Customer Service. Experts over there will help you in finding best solutions for your problems related to Zoosk.

Conclusion: The conclusion is that Zoosk is a good online dating site but it too has some problems and these problems can be easily solved. May you find best partner on Zoosk and good Luck for your future.

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