Change or reset Yahoo Mail Pro Forgot password account recovery

Yahoo! is an America based search engine company headquartered in California USA. It was incorporated in the year 1994. Yahoo! also provides various products such as Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports etc.  Its annual  revenue is about $5.17 billion. Once it was one of the largest internet company but it started declining in the 2000s. The founder of Yahoo! are Jerry Yang and David Filo. The current CEO of Yahoo! is Mr. Thomas J. Mclnerney.

Yahoo! also provides email services just like Google has Gmail Yahoo! has Yahoo! Mail. In Yahoo! mail you can send and receive emails through Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! mail has nearly 200 million active users. After Gmail came into the market Yahoo! lost its importance. Yahoo! Mail came into existence in the year 1997.

Yahoo! Mail was once very widely used mail service all over the world. Yahoo! also provides services like Yahoo! Small Business, Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Messenger etc. In childhood it was a myth that Yahoo! was an Indian Company but after we grew up, we came to know that it was a company based in US California just as Google. Well today Yahoo! may be out of trend but once it used to be the most used search engine around the world.

So after discussing these many facts about Yahoo! now let us discuss would should be do if we want to change Yahoo! mail password. So the work is simple you don’t need to take any extra efforts in changing your Yahoo! Mail password. And before we discuss this further let me tell you that Yahoo! also provides service called Yahoo! Mail pro UK. So now follow these simple steps to change Yahoo! password :

  1.  Go to Yahoo! Mail and login to your account using your credentials.
  2. Now once you are logged in go to settings and click on security or my profile.
  3. Now under this section click on Change Password.
  4. Now enter the current password and after that enter the new the new password and you are done with changing your Yahoo! Mail Password.

Now you remembered your old password so changed your password but what if you lost or forgot your password, well in that case Yahoo! Lost Password will help you out. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Yahoo! mail page and click on Forgot Password.
  2. Now a page will appear that will ask you for your email address, enter your email address and enter the One Time Password or OTP sent to your phone number or any other email id that is registered as recovery id for your Yahoo! mail account.
  3. Now enter your new password and you have successfully recovered your lost password.

Now if you forgot your email id as well as password and you want to login to your account then in this case Yahoo! Mail account recovery wizard will help you.

  1. Go to Yahoo! Mail and go to account recovery option now Yahoo! Mail will ask you for your phone number associated with your Yahoo! account.
  2. Enter the phone number and the Yahoo! will send the login details to your registered phone number and now you can login back to your Yahoo! Mail account. You can also do the same with Yahoo! Mail Recovery option.

 Now we will learn how to cancel yahoo mail pro.

  1. Login to your Yahoo! Mail Pro account and tap on profile.
  2. Click on settings then click on Manage Subscriptions.
  3. Click on Cancel subscription and follow the on screen steps and finally after following all the steps you’re done with it.

Now we will discuss how to reset yahoo password without phone number. Well it is so simple just,

  1. Go to Yahoo! mail and tap on forgot password after it.
  2. Enter your email address and click on reset yahoo password with email.
  3. Enter the other email address associated with your Yahoo! Mail account it may be from Gmail, Hotmail or any other email service provider.
  4. Now click on the link received on your email and follow the further instructions carefully and now you can change your password without phone number.

    Now we will learn how to reset yahoo password with security question. Well it not a big deal to change your password through Security Question.
  5. Go to Yahoo! Mail and click on Forgot Password  
  6. Click on reset password through Security Question.
  7. Now Yahoo! will ask the same question that you answered while making your account it may be your DOB or your pet name or anyhting else, now after answering this simple question correctly you can reset your Yahoo! mail password.

Now let us discuss about Yahoo! Mail Customer Support. Well all of us face some kind of difficulties that cannot be dealt with without taking Yahoo! Customer Service Assistance. So in this case Yahoo! mail is always ready to help you out. It has a support call number also known as Yahoo! Mail Customer Support Number. Here you can call 24/7 and can get answers to your queries anytime and anywhere in the world. But what if its busy and you need to do something very urgently and you cannot wait then you can go to this link-

Or you can also call at Yahoo!’s Customer Support Service Number i.e. But if you are using Yahoo! Mail in UK then you need to call Yahoo! Customer Service UK. Here you can get answers to your queries like Yahoo Mail Recovery Account, Forgot Yahoo Mail Password, Yahoo Mail Pro UK etc. Yahoo also provides 24/7 Customer Service Support in UK.

Now let us discuss some more things about Yahoo! Mail. As we discussed earlier that Yahoo! Mail has around 200 million users all over the world it is planning to launch some new features in Yahoo! Mail so that users get better experience and can use Yahoo! mail service with ease. The changes includes better User Interface so that users can get a smooth and better experience while using it and it is also planning to launch something like YouTube so users may get other platform to earn name and fame and fulfill their dreams and goals in life. Well we will get to know about all this in the future but now let us use Yahoo! as it is.

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