How to reset iCloud password? | Change Password

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. It was launched on 12th October, 2011. It has about 850 million users till 2018. In 2016 it had 782 million users. It newest version is 7.15. It runs on macOS, Microsoft Windows 7 and also on iOS 5 and iPadOS 13. It is available in multilingual mode i.e. many languages can be used at once. It can store, videos, audios, applications, photos, backups, notes, reminders etc.

You can also backup and restore your data whenever and wherever needed. It has features like Back to My Mac, Email, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone etc. In the beginning it had a free storage of 5 GB but if the users need then they can purchase additional storage of 50 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB depending on there need. It is just like Google drive. But it is only available for Apple Devices.

iCloud is also helpful in creating backup. And you can use iCloud on any Apple’s device. For example you can use it on iPhone as well as mac book. Apple iCloud was released before the Google Drive. Google Drive was later released in 2012 in April but iCloud was released in 2011. Now another interesting fact about iCloud is that it doesn’t run on Window devices like Windows 2000, Windows XP, it only supports Windows 7 and above versions. iCloud currently couldn’t be used on any Android Device. The price you need to pay for additional data storage is as follow:

  1. Up to 5 GB Storage Space- Free
  2. 50 GB Storage Space- $0.99 monthly.
  3. 200 GB Storage Space- $2.99 monthly.
  4. 2 TB Storage Space- $9.99 monthly.

Well now iCloud may launch more storage space in the coming years.We will now discuss about how to reset iCloud Password. Well it is simple and easy to recover the iCloud password. Just follow these simple steps to reset your iCloud Password:

  1. Go to in any web browser.
  2. Enter your Apple ID email address.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Select I need to reset my password.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select Get an email or Answer security questions.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click Done.

In this way you can simply reset iCloud password. Or you can also try the Change iCloud Password option. You can also search the web for How to change iCloud Password or How to reset iCloud Password. You can try out many other options such as iCloud password change or iCloud Forgot Password. And after trying all the above mentioned options you can easily change your password.

Now we will discuss about iCloud Account Recovery. Sometimes it may happen that you may forget your Apple ID and Password and then you cannot access your iCloud account, now in this case you have to recover your Apple ID and Password using the Account Recovery Option. In account recovery option you just need to follow these simple steps:

 The fastest and easiest way to reset your password is from an Apple device. Before you start the account recovery waiting period, try to reset your forgotten password on a trusted device. Or borrow a friend or family member’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and use the Apple Support App to Reset Your Password.

If your friend of family member can’t get the Apple Support app, you can use the Find My iPhone app to reset your Apple ID password on a device with iOS 9 through 12.If you’re unsuccessful using any of these methods, go to and choose Forgot Apple ID or password. Provide as much information as you can, then start the account recovery waiting period.

Now the real problem arises if you are unable to recover you iCloud ID and Password then the only option you are left with is contacting the Apple Support for further assistance. Or you can simply dial the iCloud customer service number. Here you can find the answer to every query of yours. You can also try the iCloud contact number or iCloud Phone Number for further assistance.  

iCloud is a service that was launched together with iOS 5. It is the successor to MobileMe. Allows for wireless backups of I devices, and does a much better job at keeping contacts, calendars, and other things synced between devices. It also allows for purchases made on one device (such as an iPad or iPhone) to show up on the users iTunes, iPhone, and iPod Touch, without performing any extra steps. Devices running older versions of macOS (before Mavericks) or iOS (below 7) may be unable to sign into iCloud after the iCloud password has been changed: the only resolution for this issue is to upgrade the OS, which may be impossible on a device that does not meet the newer OS minimum requirements. Synchronizing with a PC requires Windows 7 or later and using the iCloud Control Panel, and optionally Outlook 2007 or later or the built-in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps to sync Calendar, Contacts and Reminders. Users must own an Apple device to set up iCloud for Windows. Synchronization of bookmarks requires Safari 5.1.1 or later on macOS, and Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 22 or Google Chrome 28 or later on Windows. MobileMe account users could move their accounts to an iCloud account, keeping the same account details.

iCloud account can be of so much help to the users who need more storage space on there Smartphones, PC’s or laptops. The 5 GB storage space is enough for an average user but Apple Inc. also provides additional storage space to its customers who are willing to take the additional usage space. Apple Inc. also told that they are continuously working on fixing bugs and upgrading the iCloud to give there users an awesome experience while using it. The iCloud currently runs on 7.15 version but Apple told that they will soon update the version 7.15 and will fix the bugs until the version 7.15 is in use. So until then enjoy using version 7.15 because the new version is going to release soon.

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