Losing password is the most common thing that happens with all of us. We all lose our password and then we land in trouble because of it. But thanks to Yahoo that it provides many options to recover and reset our password. In this blog we will not be talking about the simple method of recovering our password but we will be talking about how to recover password without using alternate email id and phone number. But before we discuss this let us discuss something about Yahoo in brief.

Yahoo is an American search engine that helps us in finding answers to every question that arises in our minds. Yahoo was launched in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo also provides many other services like Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News etc. The present Alexa rank of Yahoo is 10. To use the services that are provided by Yahoo you have to make an account on it. Now we will discuss about our main topics.

If you want to recover Yahoo Password without phone number then follow these steps:

1. Go to Yahoo.
2. Click on Having Trouble Signing In.
3. Enter your email address.
4. You will receive your password reset link.
5. Open the link and reset your password.

If you want to recover Yahoo Mail Forgot Password without alternate email ID then follow these steps:

• Go to Yahoo.
• Click on Having Trouble Signing In.
• Enter your phone number.
• You will reset password reset code on your phone number.
• Enter the code and reset your password.

Another option that Yahoo provides to recover your password is by using security question. If you don’t remember your email ID, phone number then this option will help you in recovering or resetting your password. To recover your password by using Security Question you have to select the option of recover through security question. Answer the question correctly and you’ll be able to get Yahoo Login Recovery.

These are some of the ways of recovering Yahoo’s password. If you have any other doubt or query regarding Yahoo then you can contact the Customer Service of Yahoo.

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