The Quicken Error Code 28 occurs due to many reasons like Quicken isn’t up to date, Quicken Connection method is no more available with your financial institution and Data Files may be corrupted.

If you also face the Quicken Error Code 28 while using Quicken then you don’t need to panic because here’s how you can fix this error code. You can also fix other Quicken Error Codes by trying some simple troubleshooting steps. To fix this error code follow these steps:

• Open Quicken and Go to Check for Updates.
• If any update is available then download and install it.

Now other 2 steps that you need to follow to fix this error code are as follows:

1. Link the Account.
2. Go to Accounts>New.
3. Click Connect.
4. Once you see the account click on LINK.
5. Click Continue.

Now Deactivate and Reactivate the account and change the connection method.
This will solve your problem of Quicken Error Code 28. If it doesn’t solve your problem then you can contact the Quicken Customer Service Number or Quicken Support for further assistance.

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