Quicken Error Code 1310 or 1303 occurs when you try to install Quicken on your PC through CD or by downloading it from internet. It happens because of many reasons like when corrupted version of Quicken is downloaded, Windows registry is corrupted, malware or virus attack and when Quicken files are damaged or infected.

If you face Quicken Error Code 1310 or 1303 then you don’t need to worry because I will give you the simple and step by step procedure of fixing this error code. You can also troubleshoot other Quicken Error Codes easily. To fix this error try out the following steps:

1. Open Quicken and click on Quicken Setup or Quicken.exe.
2. Allow License Agreement.
3. Click on Next.
4. Now Select the location of Installation.
5. Select change installation location.
6. Now change the name to C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken1
7. Click on OK.

After these steps Change the permission and correct the permission by using Correct Permission from Command Prompt. This will fix the Quicken Error Code 1310 or 1303. And if it doesn’t help then you can contact Quicken Support or Quicken Customer Service Number.

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