Quicken Error Code 101 or 103 occurs when users download transactions from bank using one step update service. It occurs mainly because of the old credentials that are saved.

If you also face the Quicken Error Code 101 or 103 then you don’t need to worry because I will give you the simple step by step solution to fix this error. To fix or troubleshoot this error you have to perform the following steps:

1. Open Quicken.
2. Go to Account>Hide and Show Accounts.
3. Uncheck the accounts that are hidden.
4. Now come to the page that is affected by Quicken Error Code 101 or 103 and click on Settings.
5. Under At your Financial Institution click on Troubleshooting.
6. Deactivate Downloads and click on Save.
7. Repeat the same for other accounts.
8. Close Quicken.

Now you have to Delete Quicken Password from the Keychain Access and then update the bank list and reactivate the bank account.

Your problem will definitely be solved. But if still the Quicken Error Code 101 or 103 appears then you can contact the Quicken Support.

You will get solutions related to all Quicken Error Codes on Quicken Support.

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