QuickBooks is an accounting software that is offered by Intuit. Many accounting tools are available under QuickBooks. QuickBooks was released in 2019 and within a year of its release it has become the most used accounting software. It is mostly used by small and medium-sized business owners. it is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS (only for USA). It also provides other services like QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Point-of-Sale.

But while using QuickBooks users may have to face many errors. One such error is the QuickBooks Error Code 77. This error occurs due to many reasons like when the company file is located on the external device rather then a local device, incorrect folder position etc. To fix this error you can try out these steps:

1. Go to local company folder.
2. Look for the files ending with .ND or .TLG
3. Rename these files with .OLD
4. If the problem still occurs then you should contact the QuickBooks Customer Support.

In this way QuickBooks Error Code 77 can be fixed.

Simple Steps of Fixing QuickBooks Error Code

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