In this blog I’ll discuss with you about how you can fix the error code 193 in QuickBooks. I will not only discuss the solution but will also let you know about the occurrence of this error code.

QuickBooks Error Code 193 is also known as Error Code 193 QB POS. This error occurs when you are processing your mailbag. As it offers you with features like tracking inventory, managing sales, etc. it becomes important to sort out this error code to use QuickBooks. The causes of this error codes are- Departmental Codes and Names are same, trying to open merged or deleted customer, Damaged files are present in your database, corrupt customer list at remote store and damaged files of QuickBooks company.

You can fix this error in the following way-

  1. Go to Reports Menu.
  2. Open customer list and run reports.
  3. Choose the first customer and double click on the selected customer.
  4. Open the View list and check customer’s details.
  5. Select All and click on I Want To….
  6. Now check mark the Delete the Customer option.
  7. Go to Files>Utilities from the Main Menu and click on Resend.
  8. Now check the mailbag at store.

You can also try different methods for different versions like Version 10, Version 9 etc. and you can easily fix the QuickBooks Error Code 193.

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