QuickBooks Error 1311 occurs because of two reasons and they are, using incompatible version of Microsoft Office with QuickBooks and if the Microsoft Office Installation is damaged. This error is also known as QB Error 1311.

Many other QuickBooks Error Codes also occur during the usage of QuickBooks. These error code can be resolved and fixed by using some simple and basic steps. To fix the QuickBooks Error Code 1311 you have to follow these steps:

1. Use QuickBooks CD.
2. Restrict the CD-ROM access.
3. Using Photoshop Element Disc.
4. Scanning and Installing.
5. Re-installation of CS4 Application.
6. Verifying Microsoft Office Compatibility.

By following all these steps, the QuickBooks Error Code 1311 can be resolved or fixed. If you fail to fix the error by using the above-mentioned steps then you can directly talk to a QuickBooks executive by contacting the QuickBooks Error Customer Service. He will give you the proper solution of fixing this error code.

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