PSN Account Recovery – Reset PlayStation Network Password Help

PS also known as PlayStation is a video gaming brand. It consists of four home video game consoles namely PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. PS5 is about to be released on the year 2020. This brand which is known as PlayStation is produced by Japan based Sony Interactive Entertainment. The first console was released in Japan known as the PS1 in December 1994. It has a market share world wide. There official website is- The PS2 was released in the year 2000. And PS3 came into the market in the year 2006.

The company wanted to release the new version called PS4 in 2010 but due to some technical glitches the company postponed its release and then finally released it in the year 2013. Now the company is planning to release its newest version which will be known as the PS5 in the year 2020. PlayStation is an amazing gaming console. Here you can play many amazing games. There have been many gaming consoles like the Xbox and all but they couldn’t capture the market as PlayStation does. The games offered by PlayStation are as follows:

  1. Call Of Duty.
  2. Grand Theft Auto or GTA V.
  3. Fortnite
  4. WWE SmackDown Vs RAW.
  5. FIFA etc.

These are only some of the few games there are many more amazing games. Now let us discuss some more things about PlayStation. Well PlayStation was designed and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony is also planning to come out with new games like PUBG and has contacted the Tencent Games for the same. Well PlayStation supports many games like GTA, Cricket, FIFA, WWE etc. So Sony is also planning to enter into new games also.

Well in childhood we were told not to play the games because it was considered to be bad and time wasting thing but with the launch of PlayStation and games like PUBG gaming has now become a profession. Many gamers earn millions of amount by playing games and streaming them on their YouTube channels. And they get money to just play the games. Gaming laptops, smartphones have also been launched in the Indian market. Many online gaming leagues are being conducted like the PSCO and others. So it can be said that gaming is the future. Gaming is a profession. Many gamers also emerged from India like CarryMinati, Glock Gaming, Mortal, Dynamo etc. They all play and stream live games on there respective YouTube Channels and earn thousands of money through a feature called SuperChat.

They were inspired by foreign gamers like Shroud gaming etc. Shroud is known as PUBG god. So if PlayStation collaborates with Tencent Games then the PUBG game will also be available on PlayStation. Well rumors are also there that the PS5 may support the PUBG game but who knows before it is officially announced by these companies. PUBG is available for Mobile and Desktop version but if it comes on PlayStation then it may have millions of more users. PUBG is already famous round the world and if it collaborates with PlayStation then history can be created.  

Now to play games on PlayStation you need a login ID and password. Without it you cannot play any game on the PlayStation console. And it is very common to forget the username and password. Now in this case what we can do is using the PlayStation Account Recovery option as follows:

  1. Call on the PlayStation Phone Number 24/7.

You have no other option then contacting them. Because it is not a mail service that you can recover your lost account through going to there website. You can also call on PlayStation Customer Service Number.

Now what if you need to reset PlayStation’s password using the PlayStation Network Reset Password or Reset PlayStation network password option. Now follow these steps to reset your password:

  1. Logon to PlayStation’s official website.
  2. Sign in to account management.
  3. Click (Security) from the sidebar.
  4. Click (Edit) next to your password.
  5. Now enter the new password and click on (Save) option.

You are done with resetting your password. In this way you can also change your PSN account change password. If you forgot your PSN password then you can reset it using PSN Forgot Password link. Now if you want to change PlayStation Network Password then also you can follow the same steps mentioned above.

Now how to recover your PSN account using PSN Account Recovery Without Email. Well it is very simple to recover PSN account without using the email address. You just need to contact PlayStation Contact Number which is a tollfree number. You can also follow these steps to recover your PSN account:

  1. Go to PSN’s official website.
  2. Enter your details i.e. your phone number.
  3. Now enter the OTP and click on submit.
  4. And your login credentials will be sent to your phone number.

And if doesn’t work then go to the following to recover your PSN account- or you can also call on PlayStation Support Account Recovery Number 18003457669. Now from all these sources you can find solution to your problem. You can seek help related to your PSN account regarding the following things:

  1. PlayStation Password Help
  2. Account Recovery PlayStation
  3. PlayStation Support Account Recovery etc.

Now if you are willing to seek help from PlayStation Support team then always call on there official number because there are many fraud numbers available online which can hack your PSN account can ask you for money to get access to your PSN account. Always beware of such fraudsters.

Now it is not a big deal for a company like Sony to collaborate with big brands but they do it with proper research and development. Sony is Japan’s leading electronics company and they do not only make PlayStation, they also make Televisions, Smartphones, Headphones etc. In the earlier times it was difficult to afford PlayStation but now a days everyone has there personal PlayStation at there home. PlayStation is a good source of spending time with your friends and cousins. Now we will conclude this by saying that PlayStation is, was and will be the best gaming console ever.

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