Before we talk about the above-mentioned problem and also how we can fix it let us have an introduction about Pogo games or is an online portal for playing casual games. The games offered on Pogo are of different kinds like puzzle games, board games, sports games, etc. Pogo is owned by California based Electronic Arts (EA) company that is famous for its game called Cricket 2005, 2007, 2011 etc. To play games on Pogo you need to have Flash Plug-in in your web browser. The Pogo game’s website was launched on 1st September 1998. Pogo’s Alexa rank is 4,804 according to Wikipedia. Pogo games are only available in English Language.

While playing games on Pogo users face ‘No Loading Problem’. This problem occurs due to many different reasons. The most common reasons of why this problem occurs and their solutions are mentioned below:

1. This problem may occur because of some network problem. The easiest way of solving this problem if it has occurred due to network problem is that you can try reloading the page. You can reload the page with your mouse or can press the Shift key + R to reload the page. It will solve your problem by clearing caches and loading the present version of the page available on the server.
2. If reloading the page doesn’t delete your caches then you can also do it manually. You need to follow these steps to clear cache on your web browser:
a. Go to the Settings in your web browser.
b. Click on delete history or clear history.
c. Now mark Clear Cookies and Caches.
d.And click on Clear data.

This will delete the caches and your problem may get solved.

3. There might be some problems with your web browser in loading To solve this problem, you change your web browser. For example, if you were using Google Chrome try to use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.
4. It may also be occurring because you are using the old version of JAVA. To update JAVA to the latest version you can try these steps:

i. Press the windows key+r a dialogue box will appear.
ii. Uninstall JAVA from here.
iii. Download the latest version of JAVA from the internet.
iv. Install JAVA.
v. And restart your browser to enable new JAVA.

5. You can also check your internet speed. If your internet speed is not good then also this problem occurs. Try using when internet speed is good.
6. Check your screen resolution. If it is not as per then redefine it.

These were some of the problems and their solutions related to You can also contact the Pogo Customer Service number to fix your Pogo Flash Plug-In Problem. And also, your problems like Pogo Password Recovery can be solved by contacting here.

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