Pandora Forgot Password – Recover Account & Reset

Pandora also known as Pandora Music or Pandora Radio is an America based music streaming and automated music internet radio company. It was founded in January 2000 at Oakland, California, USA. It is located around 26 places in the US. The area it serves is only over US, that means it becomes unavailable if you move out of US to any other country. Its founder was Will Glase, John Kraft and Tim Westergren. It has around 2200+ employees. It was written in JAVA language. It works on Universal Windows App, iOS and Android. It has around 71.4 million active users till the year 2018 and has around 6.0 million subscribers, It also displays Banner Ads, Video Ads and Audio Ads over it.

The registration to Pandora Music is optional. It also provides internet radio facility. It can be used either through a web browser or mobile app. Pandora Music is a freemium service which means basic things are free of cost and just includes display of ads and banners. The User Interface of Pandora music is very simple and is also user friendly. The quality of music on free account is not so good. If you need to enjoy high quality music then you need to take the paid subscription.

The songs of almost every genre  are available whether it pop, rock, classical, R&B etc. Now to tune into this wonderful app you need to just go to it through your web browser or you can also download its mobile application that is available for both iOS and Android also. It was found with the name Savage Beast Technologies but later it was renamed as Pandora. Its revenue was around 1.38 billion as on 31st December 2016. The service of Pandora Music is only available in US, Australia and New Zealand.

There are several other online music streaming sites or apps but Pandora’s owner Tim Westergren revealed that Pandora Music growth hasn’t been affected with the entrance of new competitors. Westergren also revealed that for the first five years Pandora didn’t pay anything for marketing.

It also had a podcast service from 2006 to 2009 in which musicians and singers were interviewed by Kevin Seal. In the beginning every user needed to pay some amount, but when the company saw that because of the payment the company is losing its users then Pandora started to play adds and offer free service to customers. While most of the users thinks that it only plays music but it also supports podcasts. Pandora is the very first company to have partnership with popular film and music festival  SXSW.

Now we have discussed enough about what is Pandora, what does it do and so on. Now we will discuss about our main topic that is how to Change Pandora Password.You can do it with Pandora Change Password option or just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Pandora’s webpage.
  2. Enter the email id you used to login to your Pandora app.
  3. Pandora will send you the password reset link to your email id.
  4. Click on the link and follow the rest of the instruction.

And finally you have changed your Pandora password. You can also do it with Pandora Forgot Password link which is available on Pandora Music’s Mobile App. The other way to do it is Pandora Password Recovery. Or you can also try the following options:

  1. Pandora Login Forgot Password OR
  2. Forgot My Pandora Password.

How after resetting the password we will now move on to how to recover Pandora’s account. Well there are sometimes when you want to listen to awesome music but due to some reasons you forget your Pandora ID and Password. Now in this case you can’t login to your Pandora account and you cannot listen to awesome music. Now here what is going to help you is Pandora Account Recovery option, in this case you can easily get access back to your account and you can listen to your music again. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Pandora’s Official webpage.
  2. Click on account recovery option.
  3. Enter your username or phone number,
  4. Now follow the on screen instructions

And now Pandora sends your account details to your phone number or Email Id. Use those login details to login to your account.

Now we will see how to Reset Pandora Password without email. Well resetting or changing your pandora password without email id isn’t a big deal. Just follow these simple steps to reset your pandora password without email id:

  1. Go to Pandora’s official webpage.
  2. If you don’t remember your email id.
  3. Then click on send support email
  4. Now send any other email id to pandora’s support team.
  5. Send details like your birth year or your ZIP code.

Pandora’s team will contact you and will help you in resetting your password without email ID. You can also search the web for how to reset my Pandora Password or how to change password on Pandora. Now after discussing all this let us now discuss about how to seek support from Pandora Customer Service Number. Well if you are stuck with anything related to your Pandora account then you can simply contact the Pandora support team for assistance to query. You have 2 options to contact Pandora support either by calling on Pandora Phone Number or Pandora Contact Number.

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