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How To Recover Your Mojang Minecraft Account?

The sandbox video game Minecraft is one of the favorite games across the world. This amazing game is developed by the Swedish game developer Markus Persson in 2011. This game gives an opportunity for users to show his or her creativity and allow them to create their own 3D world. To play this game, all you have to do is download the game, create your account, and start playing it. But what if you forget your password? Sounds problematic? Well! don’t worry because we are here to tell you how to do Minecraft password reset. This is a simple process, all you need it to reset the Minecraft password.

Minecraft Password Reset 

There can be a number of reasons for you to forgot your Minecraft password. Still, you can quickly recover your Minecraft password following any of the methods that are described below:

  1. Click on “forgot password?” Which is just below the password.
  2. Enter your email address, enter a captcha if given and reset your forgotten password.
  3. Having done that, go to your mailbox and open the email from Mojang technical support team, click on the link in the email and enter your new password.

After that, you can easily log in to your lost Minecraft account.

Restoring Minecraft account via a phone number

If during the registration process you’ve entered a phone number and (which is most likely) you still have access to it, try restoring your page via SMS.

From the Minecraft app login screen:

1. Select “forgot” in the password input

2. Select “Username or Email”

3. Enter your username, tap Search

4. Select one of the options

o Send a Password Reset SMS

o Reset using Email

How to recover your Minecraft account?

Are you unable to login into your Minecraft account? There could be many reasons for you to lose your Minecraft account. But you don’t have to worry because you can simply recover your Minecraft account by following any of the methods that are explained below:

• Read the receipt thoroughly which you receive when you purchase the game.You might be able to find the link on it which can help you to find the easy way for Mojang Minecraft account recovery.

• If the above one doesn’t work, there is another option for you. You have to contact Minecraft customer service. They will assist you to reach a solution to your problem. 

• Another option that you can try is to resent your Minecraft password or Minecraft change password page. By doing this, you will be able to recover the Minecraft account quickly.

How to Reset your Minecraft Password?

In order to change your Minecraft password, you have to follow the steps given below:

• Visit the page https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/help.

• Click on the “Forgot your password?” link that is mentioned on the page.

• Now, enter the email address associated with your account, then enter your username and click on “Request password reset.”

You’ll now reach on a page where you will be able to reset your account password easily.

Minecraft Password reset not working?

Still now able to reset your password? Don’t worry there can be some exceptional error.

Try to refresh the page. If it still not works, you should contact the Mojang Minecraft customer service. They will guide you and help you to solve the issue.

Forgot Minecraft account

You get to spend a lot of time on Minecraft game. Some of us tend to logout after each session, which can cause you to lose the password. But you don’t need to worry about it. Because you can easily recover your account via Mojang, here are some steps which are needed to be followed:-

  • The first step is to visit the page – https://account.mojang.com/migrate. After attending this page, you have to fill the required information about your account which you want to recover.
  • Click on the checkbox accepting the terms and conditions applied by them. Now you do that you have to click on the button “Migrate account.”
  • After this, you will be able to create a new password for your account and will be able to use it.

Minecraft Username Change

Username is something that gives you an identity in the world of social media. Minecraft username matters a lot for Minecraft users, after all, it allows you to create your identity in the world of Minecraft. So your username should be very captivating. Do you want to change your Mojang username? It is very simple on Minecraft! Yes, Unlike other games, Minecraft comes with the flexibility of allowing users to change their usernames – which other users can use to identify and search after having created an account. Whether you’re hoping to make your username more easily searchable or you’re just in the mood for a change, you’re in luck.

Open the Minecraft app.

Tap on your profile. 

Click on “Edit your profile.”

Click on the username.

Type your new username.

Type your new username.

Mojang Minecraft game come with different editions. Here we will learn difference between Minecraft Java Edition Mojang bedrock edition and we will discuss which one is better, problems you face while playing Minecraft bedrock edition and Minecraft java edition. With all the different versions of Minecraft out. There can be a little bit confusing about Mojang game. So let’s run through the pros and cons of each. You may be wondering which edition do I buy for my child or what’s the differences between all the different editions of Minecraft. There are so many different Mojang Minecraft editions, there’s like I mean, I don’t even think I can cover them all at same time. Here we have tried to script all the different versions of Minecraft and there are a lot of them, So we’re gonna cover the two most popular editions of Minecraft. That is the Minecraft Java Edition and the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition. Minecraft Java is the original  made for PC only and updated the most kept up to date with the most features.

 The other Edition is Mojang Minecraft bedrock Edition and this includes a lot of the different console editions -PlayStation at the moment, the iOS, Android versions and the Windows 10 version. So a lot of different consoles computers that with Windows 10 and phones is all underneath the bedrock edition of Minecraft. If you’re wondering which one to buy your child who wants to play on a PC? I would highly suggest the Java Edition. The reason is because when you buy the Java Edition you get a code to use in the Microsoft Store to get the Windows 10edition for free. So if you’re really wondering by the Java edition get the Windows 10 Edition for free play both and see which one you like and then play whichever one you enjoy the most. I’m goanna be playing the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition  on Windows 10. Although it’s the same for iOS, Android and those other entire editions Mojang Minecraft edition And of course if you need to play on a phone or a console, well, there’s only one edition for you and that is the bedrock edition. Let’s jump into some of the differences between Mojang Minecraft Java edithion and Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition Windows 10. So the first thing we’re going to cover is mods on Windows 10 there really are no mods.

There may be some very very difficult to find and difficult to install mods. But really nobody ever does that what you do instead is you use behavior packs and resource packs Mojang Minecraft  game. These are add-onsto enhance the game whenever you add a behavior pack this takes the place of some of the default items in Minecraft and so right here I’m adding a behavior pack and a resource pack to resk in and REE behavior a few of the things inside of the Mojang Minecraft game with this specific pack It adds a whole bunch of weapons like this missile launcher right here which will explode the land and it’s very simple to install and in fact it’s way simpler to install than a modification but it has its limitations and that you can really only use things that are already in the Mojang Minecraft game. This missile launcher is taking the place of a bow. There is in fact actually no bow in the game anymore because it is now  a missile Launcher to install. You would download just these dot MC pack files, which you just open and they import into the game now I should say also that the behavior pack add-ons in Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition have sort of something similar in Java in the new Snapshots where you can choose a data pack and this changes a lot of the game. Just by dragging and dropping a folder into the data packs area and possibly. Another resource pack on top of that.

 It basically does the exact same thing except in order to install it you do have to go into files on your computer. It’s not as simple as a double click on an MC pack you can contrast that to something like the twitch launcher which adds lots of mods into the Mojang Minecraft game. In fact there are tons of mod packs which mash up hundreds of mods together and if you don’t really like any of these packs, you can also just create your own here. We have lots of mods already added. You can click get content and it is seriously just as simple as clicking install and Waiting for the launcher to compile it into your Mojang game. Let’s talk a little bit about content on the Minecraft bedrock edition. We have the minecraft marketplace and this is for in-app purchase you buy coins. In order to buy these packs of different types of things you can buy Resource packs, you can buy maps you can buy skins or you can buy smashups of all of those things.

So let’s say this Adventure Time mash up buy minecraft. It does cost a lot more coins than a lot of the other things but that’s because you’re getting not only a texture pack. But you’re getting skins a whole bunch of different character skins and a map to play on as well. And there really isn’t anything like this on the Mojang Minecraft Java edition. That’s nicely Curated that you know is easy. You don’t have to install off some website. It’s built into the Mojang  game. And so it’s secure. Parents can easily set limits on you know, how much? Your kids have because you could buy the coins and that sort of thing and they can only spend those many coins. Different things there really aren’t that on the Mojang Minecraft Java edition?

But of course what is available on the Mojang Minecraft Java edition is many  maps resource packs and community driven things that are completely free this is planet minecraft. It’s just one of the many many resources out there. Where you can download tons of content, absolutely for free now this isn’t something that is as well monitored as the what is actually built into the minecraft marketplace because the minecraft marketplace is curated by Mojang the creators of minecraft.

Sometimes in order to download these types of things you have to jump through a lot of Hoops through a lot of ads. It can also be scary if you’re just sending your kids loose to start downloading things on their computer now, I should mention that there is a version of this for the Mojang Minecraft  bedrock edition. This is another option mcpe DL comm in Mojang Minecraft game. There you also have the same thing where you can download say, this is a map right here. It’s a mini Mojang Minecraft game and this is free as well so you can still get content for free on the Mojang Minecraft bedrock editions, but It’s not as prevalent. There isn’t as big of a community and I will be honest that a lot of the Pocket Edition things tend to have more ads and more hoops that you have to jump through. So it requires I would say more parental supervision in order to make sure that you’re getting the correct thing. And then another thing in Mojang Minecraft is that it is much easier to import this sort of thing.

It’s seriously just a double-click and it’s already on there. You don’t have to go into files to drag it over. Now Let’s talk about performance  on the Java edition  let’s do some basic flying around and you will notice the world takes a little while to load in Flying around and you can see the world takes a little while to load in. In fact if I just kind of look around stop moving you see that it takes a while for the world to load in Mojang Minecraft. This is obvious when you’re up above in the sky. It’s not quite so obvious when you’re down here on the ground you can see things in front of you and it’s not that big of a deal. But everybody knows that the Mojang Minecraft Java Edition is a little bit less performance ready. You can see things in the f3 menu like this is taking up 3 gigabytes of RAM. It’s actually using just about a gigabyte of it but even with all of that or those resources behind it Still it’s not loading fast. You also see frames are somewhere and information of the Mojang Minecraft game friends. We do know that Java can have some performance issues It takes up a lot of resources and doesn’t give you the best results compare that to the Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 bedrock Edition. Everything just loads in so fast I mean Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 bedrock Edition It’s just incredible.

We don’t have the same f3 menu to tell me exactly what my frames are exactly what resources.  But everybody basically knows that the Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 bedrock Edition very very Performance focused.

This addition is really made to work on phones. So Given that it is smooth on phones and tablets. A massive gaming computer is going to be just fine with this just as a quick Contrast you can see in  Mojang Minecraft game.  You can do the many things on Mojang Minecraft  Java edition, on Pocket Edition and on Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 bedrock Edition. The Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 bedrock Edition isn’t without its performance issues. In fact sometimes one big performance issue we face with entities when we tried to record a videowith a farm that would farm tons and tons entities and actually this version the Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 bedrock Edition  crashed where I know for a fact that if I built the same thing in the Mojang Minecraft java edition that  it wouldn’t have crashed And also just a quick thing to point out is these entities they’re like flat little, you know sprites basically on the Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 bedrock Edition, but the same entity is actually a 3d entity in the java edition. That’s just a tiny thing which always bothered me about the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition. Now, let’s talk about multiplayer on the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition. We have servers. You can see lifeboat mineplex and in pvp are sort of these white listed servers.

You don’t have to add these these are already in the Mojang Minecraft game once you launch. You do have to realize that if you’re on an X box or Playstation or even a Nintendo switch you will not be able to access servers without going through a paywall like on xbox(XboxLive Gold). You know you need one of the premium memberships in order to access online play with friends. And here on iOS and Android and this right now Windows 10. It’s free and you can see that there’s thousands of people playing on these servers are very easy to jump on.

You can quickly play with your friends. In fact, there is a little bit of a difference compared to other types of whoops. I didn’t mean to do that other types of Games in that you actually have like actual menus. This is not that nothing like this with actual buttons is on the Mojang Minecraft Java edition. So we actually really do like how this is implemented. That servers can have Menus in order to actually get things done on the server. But of course on the Mojang Minecraft Java Edition because it’s been around for so long and because there are so many players who kind of To be on online play. There are a lot more options Mojang Minecraft server. We offer a Mojang Minecraft Java Edition server we do not offer a Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition server. Lots of people will offer these servers but also look at the numbers. .

There’s 10,000 playersover here on Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 there’s you know, not that many at all, you know, the Closest server has a third of the most on Hypixel, so there’s a lot more players playing on these servers and there is a bigger variety of these Mojang Minecraft servers. You can play with a lot more different types of players on The Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition with the better together update so if I’m on my computer I can play with someone on a phone or a tablet or even a console if if they’ve bought into With online friends. So you do have a greater wider range of players that you could play with nextI’m going to talk about controller support right now. You can play Mojang Minecraft using my mouse and keyboards but we can just switch so quickly on over to a controller. All the different settings for a controller is there on the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition. It’s super quick to switch back and forth using these settings. a world. In Mojang Minecraft Java Edition the controller doesn’t do absolutely anything it and over here in the controls there is zero support for controllers. That means that you are really just out of luck if you want any default support for controllers on the Mojang Minecraft java edition. There are programs that you can download and things that you can do in order to make controllers work better with Mojang Minecraft java edition, but really none of that is supported by first-party and It’s always a little bit hacky to get it to work. You might need to install a mod and that mod may not even be following the quickest updates. Maybe you want to play on a snapshot Well that mod won’t be updated for the latest snapshots to play on controllers. I’m just talking hypothetically It was just a lot more hoops to jump through if you want to work with controllers.

You’re really stuck to a mouse and keyboard on the Mojang Minecraft java edition. So the next section is going to be about gameplay and this is focused on what is different from game to game. let’s talk about Redstone we’re on the Mojang Minecraft Java edition and this little contraption right here is a classic redstone creation called a Jeb door, where when you flip the lever both Pistons below it will extend however, when I do the exact same thing in the Mojang Minecraft Bedrock edition if I can build it correctly only one piston extends. It doesn’t extend the bottom piston and this is a massive difference in the two games. Behaviors do not work the same between the versions. This is mostly because redstone works 100% correctly in the Mojang Minecraft bedrock addition and in the Mojang Minecraft Java edition, it works a little bit buggy.

But that is how red stoners like it. This was originally a bug in Minecraft that people liked so much that they basically have it now built into the Mojang Minecraft game and there’s many concepts within redstone that uses Minecraft bugs in order to pull off more advanced techniques. You could be following along with a redstone a tutorial and not realize that it isn’t possible in the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition which would be very frustrating and because most players  play on the Mojang Minecraft Java edition. Most of your tutorials will be for the Mojang Minecraft Java edition. So you may be a little bit high and dry without as many redstone tutorials as you would like on the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition next. Let’s talk about core. It’s when you hit f3 on the Mojang Minecraft Java Edition. You will see kind of Exhaustive list of details. One of the details is your coordinates. This has become an integral part of a lot of multiplayer play and even single-player play to know exactly where you are in the game.

You can get lost pretty quickly in Minecraft so these coordinates are very useful to players and the problem is is that on The Mojang Minecraft bedrock addition coordinates basically can’t be found. You do not have the f3 Menu like you do on Mojang Minecraft Java, so you can’t pull that up if you try to make a map Well, your maps don’t have chords anywhere on there if you try to do a compass. Compass doesn’t have any coordinates on there. Basically, there is no built-in game way to see your coordinates yet so if you are lost or you find something amazing that you want to write down the chords to you. Just basically can’t the only Work around is really to do the teleport and to teleport where you are right now so you could teleport myself to exactly where I’m standing and you’re given the chords and chat.But this can’t be done on  multiplayer servers because multiplayer servers don’t give the Players the ability to teleport that would kind of ruin the game.

 A lot of people in single-player games don’t have which will not allow you to do those types of commands if your cheats are disabled, you can’t do the teleport command and a lot of people don’t play with that because you want the advancements. We’re gonna get to advancements later on so you could easily get your coordinates in the Mojang Minecraft Java edition not in Mojang Minecraft 10 edition.In the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition it is impossible to pause the game. You have notice  that sometimes slime  is moving around completely freely. The only way to pause the game is to click save and quit Contrast that to the Mojang Minecraft java edition of the Mojang Minecraft game. If you are in a single-player and hit escape, the game just pauses everything just completely stops. Now this is not true on servers where of course other people don’t want the game to pause once you hit escape and that’s even true with single-player worlds as well. If you choose open to LAN and start a land world when you hit escape, the game doesn’t pause because now you have created a server.

I was reading on reddit that some people were theorizing that why you can’t pause in the Mojang Minecraft Bedrock edition is because of the ability for players to join. Well, Java has not one figured out. And in fact it does this amazing thing that you don’t even have to be clicking at the ground just towards where you want the block to be and it will continue to place it on the the job addition if you’re not clicking directly where the block goes. So if you click and move in a direction, I could move as fast or as slow as I want it somehow knowsThat you know, you’re gonna place a block in that direction. I don’t have to be looking at the ground I can be looking up. Let’s talk about updates to the game Mojang Minecraft Java edition just gets the updates faster than the Mojang Minecraft bedrock edition and you can see in launch options. We hope that you found this useful things, different between the Java and the bedrock edition.

Any kind of issue where you have to determine any sort of game issues don’t hesitate to call Mojang client service number, and get required  answer for all issues identified with Mojang.

Regular issues which can resolve by means of Mojang client support:

• Install/Uninstall the arrangement of Mojang Game

• Direct limit play

• New overhaul and refreshing of the issues

• Problem identified with Game recuperation

• Problems identified with System similarity

• Key enactment

• Issues identified with Settings arrangement

• Minecraft clients enrolled email ID overlooked

• Gift cards neglecting to demonstrate the relocated record

• Issues identified with General Troubleshooting

Common issues which can resolve via Mojang help service:

  • Lost minecraft account
  • Mojang password reset email/Mojang Account / Minecraft.net Support
  • Recover mojang account
  • Mojang username change
  • Transfer minecraft account
  • Forget email minecraft
  • Minecraft Reset minecraft password
  • Mojang change user name
  • Mojang migrate account
  • Minecraft setup issues related problems
  • Install or Uninstall the setup of Mojang Game
  • Minecraft Direct boundary play
  • New upgrade and updating of the issues
  • Problem related to Mojang Game recovery
  • Problems related to System compatibility
  • Minecraft Key activation
  • Issues related to Settings configuration
  • Minecraft users registered email ID forgot
  • Gift cards failing to show the migrated account
  • Issues related to General Troubleshooting
  • Minecraft Server Hosting issues
  • Legacy Console Support
  • Minecraft console issues
  • Minecraft (Bedrock) Support(Support for Minecraft (Bedrock) for mobile, Xbox One, and Windows 10)
  • Java Edition Support  For Minecraft: Java Edition, modded and unmodded)
  • Server Support and Administration (Mojang Support for technical problems with servers) Realms Timing Issue (Bedrock 1.12.1)
  • Windows 10 edition crashes on start up
  • Realm Purchase Issue
  • Mojang Minecraft Loading and or creating new worlds issues
  • Mojang Store on XBOX not working Correctly

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