Finding true love is very difficult nowadays. There are many dating sites and apps but what happens there is of no use. You can only chat with the guys and girls and later you come to know that the girl you were chatting to was a boy. Isn’t that funny but of you want to get rid of all this then you can once try the dating site or app. is an online dating site that has its services in over 50 countries in 12 languages. The headquarter of is in Texas. The founder of is Gary Kremen. It was launched on 21st April 1995. The main aim of is that the friendship should turn into relationship. Many users have found their better-halves over and if you are looking to get a guy or a girl then you can also register yourself on The top competitors of are bumble, hily, clover, etc. Forgot Password:

Now we will discuss about some problems faced by users while using the services. The first problem is how to recover forgotten or Lost password of Well recovering your lost password is easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

• Go to and click on Member Sign in.
• Click on Forgot Password.
• Now enter your email address associated with your account and click on Send Email.
• Now search for Password Recovery mail in your email inbox.
• The Reset Password link will take you to another page, enter your new password and re-enter it to confirm.

In this way you can recover your lost password. Login Issues:

Users also face some Login Issues while trying to login to their account and these login issues can be resolved very easily and quickly. The first thing that can be done is that you can contact Customer Service Number and can ask for the solutions related to your login issues.

There can also be 2 reasons of login issues- you forgot your username or you forgot your password. We already have seen above how to recover forgotten password. Now if you want to recover your forgotten email then you can search for Forgot sign-in Email ID on web. You will find the solutions on how to recover it. Customer Service:

Now if any other problem is coming to your way related to your account then you can contact the match customer service. Here you will find solutions to all your problems related to The experts here are available 24/7 and you can seek there help anytime, anywhere in the world. is known for providing excellent customer support service to its users. Account Delete/Suspend:

Some users like the service and some don’t because it is difficult to find a life partner in a dating partner and so some users are frustrated over and they want to delete account. The deletion of profile can be because the user have found his/her perfect partner on match or offline and that is why they need to delete their account. Deletion of the profile on match is easy and can be done by you but before deleting your account you should cancel your paid subscription because if you do not do that then after the deletion of the profile also the subscription charges will still be charged from your account.

Now how to cancel the subscription is mentioned below:

• Go to
• Go to My Account Settings>Cancel Paid Subscription.

And you are done with it now you can delete your profile. To delete your profile follow these steps:

  1. Click on My Account Settings on the top right corner of your page.
  2. At the bottom you will find Suspend/Delete this account, click on this option.
  3. Now you will be asked the reason to delete your account, you can enter any reason of your choice.
  4. Now tap on delete my account.

Remember that suspend my account will only hide your account temporarily while delete my account will permanently delete your account. If you find match account suspended then don’t worry you can still get your profile back. If you are still facing any issues in deleting your account then you can contact the Customer Support. Free Trial:

Now there are many online dating sites that provides free trial to their users before taking the subscription and this service is also available on, you can take a 3 day free-trial on, but before taking the free trial you are asked for your credit card details and once the free trial period is over you charged the amount of subscription, so if you don’t want to use after free trial then you should remember to cancel the subscription before the free trial period expires.

And you should prefer over any other dating site because it is the most trusted site across many countries and also the customer support of is excellent. Account Hacked:

If your match account is hacked then you can directly contact the customer service and you can complaint about the same. You can also search for match account hacked solutions over the internet.

If you face the error of account terminated then it can be because of many reasons. The first reason can be that your account didn’t have any activity for long time and that is why it is terminated. In this case you can contact the customer support for help.

If you ever face that your account has been blocked then you don’t need to be worried about this because it can be easily unblocked by using the account login details and logging back to your account. As soon as you login back your account gets unblocked.

If you get the error of account locked then also you don’t need to worry you can either have a conversation with the customer support of or you can find the solutions for the same over internet.

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