Locked out of Facebook Account

Locked out of Facebook account until I verify my ID?

 Facebook is a popular social networking site, where people across the globe share their views, pictures and latest updates with their friends. They can also play games and exchange messages here and this makes Facebook a popular platform over the worldwide web. Amongst the benefits of the site is the fact that signing up for a Facebook account is an extremely simple process, though sometimes users face issues related to logging in to an existing account.

Contacting Facebook change reset password is a god option to resolve this issue, but users can try the same on own. For this, it is important to find the exact reason why you are not able to logon to Facebook so that a resolution to the problem can be reached.

Incorrect Password

Incorrect password is one of the most common reasons why users are not able to login to Facebook and the solution is to carry out password recovery. Click on “Facebook Forgot Your Password” link under the password login field. Now you will be asked to enter the Facebook email, Facebook username, a friend’s name and the linked cell phone number. Next, click on Search button for identifying the account and set a new password for it.

Incorrect Email

Sometimes, users are unable to login as they provide the wrong email address, for instance, they may have forgotten the email id or may be entering the letters in the wrong case. The email address can be recovered by trying to login with the registered user name or mobile phone number linked to the account. You may have a friend locate the address listed on your profile or look for the email address at the Password Reset page. If unable to get it, try to do the same using “Recover Your Account” page.

Cache/Cookies Problems

Cache or cookies problems may be responsible for login issues and these can be resolved by clearing them on the computer. For this purpose, you have to enter the URL m.facebook.com and not the links or bookmarks you have been using before. Then try logging in as usual.

Account Disabled

Facebook itself has a practice of disabling accounts to ensure that it is not flooded with fake profiled and sometimes genuine ones also fall prey to this practice. If this happens with you, you will get a message on login attempt, giving a link to Confirm Your Identity page. On reaching this page, you can find the reason that the account has been disabled, probably for non confirmation of identity through a phone number. Despite using these steps, if you are unable to login to Facebook, it is better to dial facebook password recovery contact number for expert support.

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