Locked out of Facebook account until I verify my ID?

Well who doesn’t know about Facebook. Almost everyone in the world has a Facebook account. Facebook emerged as one of the most used social media site in the world. Facebook rules the social media kingdom. All the top social media sites like Instagram and all have been purchased by Facebook. Even the WhatsApp Messenger is purchased by Facebook.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. It is an America based social media giant. The CEO of Facebook is Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. Now let us discuss what Facebook is used for. Well on Facebook you can become friends with any person round the world and you can also share pictures, videos, texts etc. Facebook came into action when Orkut lost its control over the internet. Now Facebook runs WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

Facebook is a very good source of sharing your thoughts all over the world. You can influence the world with what you share. Facebook is a place where one can get name as well as fame. And Facebook also runs various social programs to help those in need. Facebook is unique in its own way. There you can also interact with your favorite actors, singers, sportsmen etc. Facebook also acts as a platform for people to show there talent to the whole world.

Well it also started its market called Facebook Marketplace where you can buy and sell things. Facebook is a very good source of interacting with the world and sharing your thoughts and feelings around the world. Facebook is also a source of information because there are many amazing pages that share unknown facts that can amaze you.

Facebook is also used by big brands to promote there products or services. Facebook also runs Instagram which is also a very good source knowledge and information. The concept of Instagram is a bit different from Facebook there you can follow people round the globe. Now let us discuss about how to get access back to your Facebook Account.  

So if you ever login into your Facebook account it is very obvious that you need email id and password to login to Facebook. But what if you lost your email id or forgot your password. Now you are logged out of your Facebook Account and you need to login and chat with your friends and family. But you don’t remember your Facebook username or email address, now in this situation Facebook account recovery is going to help you out. Now what you need to do to recover your Facebook account is simple and less time taking. Just follows these steps:

  1. Go to Facebook.
  2. There click on forgot password
  3. A page will appear which will ask you for your email id or phone number.
  4. Now enter the code received on your email id or phone number.
  5. And you are done enter the new password of your choice.

You have successfully recovered your Facebook account using Account Recovery on Facebook.

Now what if sometimes Facebook doesn’t recognize you and thinks you’re trying to login someone else account. Now what could you do here? Its simple you can use Facebook Identity Recovery in such situation. In this Facebook will ask you for your identity proofs like Voter ID card or any other identity proof and if Facebook finds its true then you get access back to your account.

Now if you can forget the password then it is very obvious that you may also have forgotten your email address registered with Facebook. In this case Facebook Email Recovery will help you out. Just go to Facebook and enter the phone number associated with your Facebook account and Facebook will send you an SMS with your login details in it. So in this way you can recover your lost email id.

Facebook Password Recovery is a mechanism through which you can recover or reset your Facebook password. It is so simple to recover to recover your Facebook password if you have your email address or registered phone number with you. Just go to Facebook and click on Forgot Password option and from here follow the on screen steps like enter your email address or phone number. Now enter the Facebook verification code and there you go enter new password and login to your account.

Sometimes when you don’t want to use your Facebook account you disable it for some time. But many of us think that disabling Facebook means deleting Facebook account. But you can enable your disabled Facebook account by Facebook Disabled Account Recover Option. You just need to login with your credentials and automatically your Facebook account enables.

Now you might be wondering what if all of this does not work. Don’t worry I have an answer to that as well. And the answer is Facebook Customer Service Number. Yes you can simply call to Facebook 24/7 Customer Support. There experts are ever ready to help you out with Facebook account recovery with ID, Facebook Recovery Email, Facebook Recovery Email Address, Facebook recovery with phone number, Facebook username recovery etc. You will get answer to every problem of yours related to your Facebook Account.

Well now lets talk further things about Facebook. As we have discussed earlier that Facebook is a very big social media giant so it is very important to know how to safely and securely use Facebook. Well the very first thing is that never share your phone number, email id, username related with your Facebook account and also never ever share your Password with anyone. Because there have been many cases where people logged in to others account and misused there account by posting adult content and things that needs not to be shared with the world.

And also if you yourself are using your account then you should also remember not to post personal pictures or things because everything is floating on internet. No one knows from where your information may be stolen and misused. Facebook provides Privacy services always use Privacy on the things that you share and never ever share anything without its full knowledge because you never know what’s right what’s wrong. So use Facebook Carefully.

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