AOL is multi-purpose company offering its users two main services- one as an Internet service provider and the other as webmail. It is generally employed for its mail services which offer world class features like fast sending speed and many more.

Sometimes while using AOL mail you might encounter some issues with the services. One of the problems that many users face is issue in sending mail to other contacts from their mail id. This can be easily corrected simply by calling AOL Desktop Gold customer service phone number and following the instructions that they tell you. You can also try to resolve the issue on your own by trying some small tips and tricks mentioned below: 

  • Free up Disk Space: While browsing and surfing on Internet for anything, cookies and page links get stored as temporary internet files.  Sometimes these files take up huge space of the system due to which you might face problems sending mails. So just clear and delete history of your browser and try again to send mail.
  • Check Spam and firewall Settings: Sometimes to tighten the security of your email and computer system, firewall setting and spam filters might be told to block sending and receiving of emails. Just check these settings and correct them if required. However, it is recommended that you call AOL Desktop Gold customer support number and let them guide you through this process as it might endanger your pc and open it up for virus and malware attacks.
  • Restart Your Computer: The errors might get resolved just by restarting the computer system. If the above two tips do not work you can try this method.
  • Try a Different Browser: If restarting also does not get the issue resolved, then as a last resort you can try opening the mail in different browser such as if you are using Mozilla Firefox, then you can try Google Chrome or vice versa.

Make sure that you try to send mail after trying every technique, as you may not know which reason might be stopping you from sending mails. If you still face issues, even after trying the above tips and tricks, then you can call on AOL Desktop Gold customer service phone number and relay your issue to a technical expert who will be able to guide you to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Sometimes the AOL customer support number that you call on might put on hold for some time due to long queue.

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