Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular mailing platforms to exchange mails between users. It is safe, reliable, easy to use and has some excellent mail features. At the same time, users also prefer using Gmail for mailing purposes and such users would want to consolidate their mails at a single location. The solution lies in forwarding the Yahoo mails to the Gmail account, which can be done conveniently by the user himself or can be done by accessing Yahoo Customer Support.

Here are the steps which can help you to forward Yahoo mail to Gmail account:

  • On the help page of Yahoo mail, open the menu for “POP & Forwarding”.
  • Now enable “Forward your Yahoo! Mail” and type the Gmail address in the “Forward your mail to the following address”.
  • Next, click on “Save Changes”, following which a pop-up window will be seen. It says “Verify Email Address”. Before the mail is forwarded by Yahoo, it will confirm that the Gmail account actually belongs to the user. Then click on the link for “Send Code” and let the Yahoo page remain open.
  • Now you have to sign in to your Gmail account by opening a new tab in the browser. Here, you would have received an email with a verification code from Yahoo. Write down this code and again open the Yahoo tab. Here, you have top type this verification code in the verification field. Click “Done”, and now the Yahoo account is configured for forwarding the mail into the Gmail account. This can be verified by sending yourself a mail from Yahoo mail and checking if the same has been received on Gmail.

All these simple steps can be carried out easily buts sometimes issues may surface and there is need of expert support for resolution. Help is available at Yahoo Mail Pro Forget password Customer Service, but it is not always possible to get connected to this number.

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