The Minecraft Error 65542 occurs when you try to open the game. There are many reasons as to why this error occurs. This error also known as Minecraft GLFW Error Code 65542 or Minecraft OPENGL Error 65542.

Many other Minecraft Error Codes also appear while playing or opening the Minecraft game. These errors can be easily fixed or resolved by using basic troubleshooting methods.

To fix the Minecraft Error 65542 you have to follow these steps:

1. Open your browser and download Minecraft¬_OpenGL.
2. Click on the file and Extract it.
3. Open the extracted folder.
4. Open 32-bit or 64-bit folder according to your OS.
5. Copy the opengl32.dll file.
6. Go to C drive and open Program Files.
7. Go to JAVA and to know more steps read the information below.

These steps will definitely fix the Minecraft Error Code 65542 but if they don’t then you can contact the Minecraft Customer Service Number for further help. The executives over there will provide you with complete solution of how you can fix this error. You can also talk about any other error that appears on your game while playing or opening it. You will get the perfect and the best solutions here.

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