Many apps and games have many issues with them and similarly Minecraft also have some errors. Some of the most common errors of Minecraft are Error 2138, Error 65542 etc. These errors usually occur when you try to open Minecraft. These issues come because of many reasons. But to fix these errors you have to perform some basic troubleshooting steps.

One such error is the Error Code 2138 Minecraft. This error is also known as Minecraft OpenGI Error. This error occurs at the time when you open the Minecraft game. There are many other Minecraft Error Codes.

When you open Minecraft then the Minecraft Installer Error 2318 appears. The error message that appears on the screen is quite long. The error message that comes is- The Installer has Encountered an Unexpected Error Installing this Package 2318.

Error 2138 Minecraft is caused due to different reasons and to fix this issue you have to follow these steps:

• Go to your web browser.
• Download OpenMinecraftGL.
• Now go to the download folder.
• Extract the downloaded file.
• Open the extracted file.
• Choose 32-bit or 64-bit according to your OS.
• Copy the opengI32.dll file.
• Now go to C drive>Program Files
• Go to JAVA and to know further steps continue reading.

This might possibly fix the Minecraft Launcher Setup Error Code 2318 but if it doesn’t then you can contact the Minecraft Customer Service team.

You can call the customer service and can ask them for the solution of the Minecraft Launcher Error 2318. You might also look for other solutions. If you are not so much technical then you can take help of the tutorial videos to fix this error code.

The solution of this error code is also available with different names like the Minecraft Launcher Error Code 2318 so don’t get confused all these errors are the same errors and can be fixed by using the same steps.

Backup and Sync Error Code 2318 is also the same as Minecraft Error Code 2318. You can follow all the above steps to fix or resolve this error code. If you don’t find any good solution for this error code then you can try uninstalling and re-installing the game this might fix the issue.

Sometimes you might also get the error which will say Minecraft Realms Not Working, this error is also the same as the above-mentioned errors. You can fix these all error codes by using the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps. But if they don’t work then you know what you need to do simply uninstall and re-install the game.

Usually all the errors that occur during playing or opening the game can be fixed by using above-mentioned steps. You may also face other errors while playing the games and all these errors can be easily troubleshooted.

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