Gmail Account Recovery Phone Number and Change Reset Password

Gmail is one of the most widely used mail applications today because of its speed, reliability and security. Despite its exceptional features, users tend to come across various issues with gmail, one of which is related to password recovery. In such a situation, it is possible to find gmail account recovery with phone number with the help of a reset code which will be texted to the phone number. This number is to be submitted online for resetting the password. Once the new password is created, it is possible for the user to access the gmail account with this fresh password. The following steps can be taken to facilitate this process using the phone number:

Gmail Account  Recovery Text Message

You have to reach the Password Recovery Page of Google, where you will be asked to type the gmail username, following which you need to click on Submit. Next you will be required to enter a CAPTCHA and then click Submit once again. Then you have to select the option of “Text Message to” and then click “Continue” for launching the page of Text Message Code Verification in the browser. Following this you will get the recovery code on the cell number, which you will have to enter on the page and then you would be able to regain the access to your account with a new password.

Gmail Account Recovery Setup

Account recovery on Google can be done in two ways, text message and email, and the user can use one or both of these options. For doing so, start by clicking on the gear icon in Gmail, select “Settings” and then click “Accounts and Import”. Next, in “Change Account Settings”, you have to click “gmail Change Password Recovery Options”. You will have two options here, which are “Add a Recovery Email Address” and “Add a Mobile Phone Number”. You will have to choose either of these by clicking on it, type in your information and then click Save.

It is quite easy to carry out the task with these steps, but if you still have questions about how to do gmail password recovery,

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