Yes, you read it right, I’ll discuss with you the four problems and their solutions which gives us the Minecraft Error Code 5 on Windows PCs and Laptops. The reasons of occurrence of this error are many and it occurs when you try to load the Minecraft game on your Windows PC or Laptop. The full error that it shows is ‘Mojang native launcher updater. Problem moving C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\tmp\tmplauncher.exe to MinecraftLauncher.exe with error code 5’.  If you want to fix this error code on Windows 10 then you have 4 options and they are as follows-

  1. Run Minecraft as Administrator.
  2. Copy the tmpLauncher file to the Minecraft Folder.
  3. Update the Minecraft Launcher and
  4. Update JAVA Version.

Run Minecraft as Administrator:

To run Minecraft as Administrator you have to follow these steps-

  • Right-click on Minecraft launcher as it will open its context menu.
  • Tap the Properties option.
  • Click on the Compatibility tab.
  • Tick mark on Run this program as Administrator.
  • Press Apply and then press OK.

Copy the tmpLauncher file to the Minecraft Folder:

To perform this process, follow these steps-

  1. Open this folder in File Explorer: C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\tmp.
  2. Right click on tmpLauncher.tmp and select Copy.
  3. Open the same folder as mentioned-above in the File Explorer right-click on Minecraft.exe and select the Delete option.
  4. Click on the empty folder and select Paste.
  5. Right-Click on the tmpLauncher.tmp file and Rename it with Minecraft.exe.
  6. Press the Yes button and you’re done.

Update the Minecraft Launcher:

Another option of fixing error code 5 on Minecraft is by updating Minecraft launcher. To update your Minecraft launcher, follow these steps-

  • Open the game’s nativelog.txt file and copy the hyperlink in native blog that includes MinecraftLauncher.exe.
  • Open a browser and paste the link.
  • Download the new launcher.
  • After the download is completed drag the new launcher to Minecraft Folder and replace it with original launcher.
  • Select the old Minecraft.exe and delete it.

Update JAVA Version:

The Minecraft game need JAVA to run and sometimes the error code 5 occurs due to the usage of Old JAVA version. To update your JAVA to the latest version, follow these steps-

  • Press Windows Key+ R
  • Enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run and click OK.
  • Search for JAVA in the search box.
  • If your version is lower than version 8 then uninstall it and update your JAVA according to your browser bit rate e.g. if your browser works on 32 bit then download 32 bit JAVA and if it runs on 64 bit then download 64 bit version of JAVA.
  • Install the new JAVA version.

One of the above-mentioned ways can fix the Minecraft Error Code 5.

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