How to transfer Your Norton Software on Another Device?

When we buy Antivirus software, we generally go for number license according to the devices which need it. At times this decision comes to bite us back when we change any laptop as there are no more licenses left to use. So we feel that the only choice we have left is to buy more software license and let the already in use one, go to waste, right?

Actually No!! If you are using Norton Antivirus software, you can easily transfer it to the second device by removing it from one and reinstalling it to the next. You can either call Norton customer support phone number or try doing it yourself by following below two steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the License from First Device:
    • Go to the website and sign in to Norton.
    • Click on Service section and then select your product.
    • You will be redirected to Manage My Installs page, where in the Remove License column click on Trash Can icon to remove it from the current device.
    • Click on ‘OK’ Button on the pop-up window asking for confirmation of the removal.
    • Now move to devices page and click on Trash Can icon against the device you want the license to be removed from.
    • You will again see a dialog box asking for removal confirmation, click on ‘OK’.

This should remove the license successfully from your previous device. If you face any problem during any of the steps, you can easily get the solution by contacting the Norton customer service phone number and informing them of the issue, who will further provide you with suitable solution. If you are successful in removing the license, you move forward with second step

  • Step 2: Install Norton on the New System:
    • On the device you want to install the software, go to com/setup.
    • On the agreement you encounter, click on ‘Agree’ and then select ‘Download’.
    • According to the browser in use select anyone of the option:
      • For Chrome: Select the file that you have downloaded
      • Internet Explorer: Click on ‘Run’.
    • After this your download and installation of the software will start. All you have to do is follow the instruction, which are being displayed on screen.

If you encounter any issue while downloading the software, restart the download process. However, if the problem still persists, you should call Norton customer support phone number and tell them about the problem in detail. After this the Norton representative will direct your call to correct technician who will be able to help you out perfectly.

Sometimes while connecting with Norton you might face long wait time as there might be long queue. If there is urgency, you try to contact online directories like where you can acquire another Norton customer service phone number to directly get in touch with the company.

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