Facebook 24/7 Customer Service Phone Number – Useful Tips and Tricks

Coupled with extensive popularity and indubitable technical support pioneering the global rise in popularity of social media, Facebook is unquestionably the leader in world of online social media. Thriving and ever flourishing in this space, Facebook has an estimated user base of over 1.23 billion that is expanding on a monthly basis.

Proven to be ever popular, Facebook is one of, if not the only social media giant in the online world. Being founded in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it has surpassed several prior social networking websites and has secured its spot at the top of the ladder, in both popularity and revenue.

With its unprecendented growth, Facebook is known to have created offices in multiple nations, creating an unrivalled customer support base for all it’s accounts, that can be reached out to by anybody at all times through the Facebook contact Phone Number.

Given below are a list of several pointers that enable the users to add to maximize the functionalities in Facebook social media. For any additional help, the users may Call Facebook 24/7 Customer Service.

Add/Remove an User as Friend:

To add an user as friend, simply:-

1. Visit the concerned user’s profile
2. Click the “add as friend” button on the top left corner

To remove an user as friend, do the following:-

1. Visit the friend’s profile
2. Click on the “friends” icon on the top left
3. Click the “unfriend” option.

For more help, the user may call the user base through Facebook contact Phone Number.

• Viewing sent friend requests

Through Facebook, users are able to view the friend requests sent by the user. TO view the list of sent requests, users may :-

1. Click on the friends’ icon on the top right corner of the menu tab.
2. Select the view mutual friends option in the drop down menu
3. A new window will pop up listing the profiles the user may come in contact with. On the top of the screen, the user may click the “view sent requests” option.

In case the issue or query remains unresolved, user may Call Facebook Customer Support.

In the uneventful scenario that the query is not resolved, the toll free number 855-557-9955 may be called and Visit callcustomerservice247.com.

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